Our mission


We want to help people find beautiful, ethically made goods + empower entrepreneurs to create them, impacting the world in the process.



Inspire conscious consumption

We want to encourage our customers to buy fewer, higher quality items by offering them quality goods that will last for years to come. Brightly enthusiasts can swap capsule wardrobe ideas and get opinions on new brands in our Community.


Reduce waste & risk

Typically, a company pays out of pocket (or raises funding) to purchase products in advance, often without the opportunity to test the product’s market fit. Brands can utilize our pre-order model to down on waste and try out new product offerings without the risk.


Impact the global supply chain

The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter on the planet after the oil & gas sector. By making it easier for people to find quality goods through our curated collective, we hope consumption of fast fashion and throwaway household items decreases.